Aloe Flower Tea Production

Aloe Flower TeaTM Production

Aloe Flower TeaTM is a new experience in herbal teas. Our signature brand brings to you perfect teas made from aloe blossoms and other fine herbal ingredients.

Aloe Flower TeaTM is made from fresh aloe vera flowers grown organically in the Sonora Desert in Northern Mexico. 

Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV owns two aloe vera plantations and one additional aloe pantations with other varieties such as aloe arborescens, aloe saponaria and aloe chinensis. The two plantations are 26 hectares of organically grown aloe varieties, where aloe barbadensis miller accounts for near 400,000 plants.

The plantations are located in the Mayo Valley, the southern part of the Sonora Desert, in the Sonora state in Mexico, in the rural area close to the city of Navojoa.

Plenty of sun, excelent soil and one of the purest air on earth, are the main reasons our aloe plants give a perfect gift when the Spring season starts to flourish: the aloe flowers, our raw material for Aloe Flower TeaTM herbal teas. 

In March of every year, millions of aloe blossoms starts to spread in the aloe fields, offering a beautiful and romantic landscape to human eyes. When the blossom flourishes, it has a light green colour. After a couple of days it turns in bright yellow until the flower is mature and open to life.


When the aloe flower is mature, we carefully harvest them. The harvesting process is made 100% by native women living in the Mayo communities close to the plantatios. We strongly support social responsibility policies, and to give jobs to native mexican indigenous people is a perfect way to help those communities. We also assist such people qith other programs to achieve better living conditions, health and education. 



When harvesting is finished each day, the aloe flowers are transported to our processing factory, located 100 meters away from the plantation. There, we start the drying process. The drying process of aloe flowers is made directly with the main energy provider on earth: the sun. We dry the aloe flowers under the sun! Aloe flowers are exposed during 24 to 48 hours to direct sunlinght. Once we verify the adequate moisture level is obtained, we collect again the aloe flowers and carry on to the next step.


Classification and Selection

The following procedure is the classification and selection process. There the aloe flowers are classfified in two grades, grade A and grade B.

In the selection process, any sticks, leaves or other flowers are removed. The classification into grades is according to colours and appearance. Amber yellow aloe flowers with perfect appearance are classified as Grade A, while light brown aloe flowers with irregular appearance are classified as Grade B.


Blend Preparation

Then we prepare the final blend of aloe flowers with other teas and herbal teas to give birth to Aloe Flower TeaTM signature collection of teas. Grades A and B are used accordingly with other teas and herbal ingredients for each blend to be sold as Aloe Flower TeaTM.



After blend preparation, the mixture is milled to a certain mesh level.



Once milling is done, each blend of  is packed and ready for final transport, distribution and sale to you.

We hope you enjoy Aloe Flower TeaTM, The new concept in teas.