Aloe Flower TeaTM Sustainability

Aloe Flower TeaTM is a product line produced and distributed by Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV, a leading mexican aloe company.

Our sustainability policy is clear. The planet requires projects that are environmentally sustainable which may create value for both shareholders and other stakeholders, including the communities involved.

We believe an environmentally sustainable project generates a positive public value.

Aloe flower production is a green activity since it has high sustainability implications, due to various causes. 

Aloe flower production has high degree of sustainability since:

  • Aloe flower production is an efficient crop with minor tasks tillage
  • Aloe flower production uses few natural resources
  • Aloe flower production keep soil in perfect conditions
  • Aloe flower production is highly efficient in water use 
  • Aloe flower production has almost zero energy use
  • Aloe plantations prevent desertification
  • Aloe plantations absorb CO2
  • Aloe flower organic plantation does not require fertilizers or herbicides or pesticides
  • Aloe flower processing does not generate toxic effluents
  • Aloe flower processing does not contaminate aquifers or water sources
  • Aloe flower processing does not alter biodiversity
  • It has very low power consumption and does not generate air emissions
  • It has no waste because everything takes advantage of the plant
  • Aloe cultivation project improves soil conservation, reduces the agricultural impact as agrochemicals not discharged to the environment and increases the efficiency of water relative to other crops